Firenze Wooden Violin Case Black and Ocean Blue


Firenze Wooden Violin Case Black and Ocean Blue


The Firenze  violin case is made of a wooden frame protected by a durable and resistant  black  nylon cover . The interior is made from the highest quality ocean blue suede velvet microfiber. Includes 2 accessory compartments, large exterior zippered sheet music pocket, large rain protection flap, 4 “two position” swivel rings, high security dual mechanism lock, backpack straps, long padded shoulder strap , side handle, a comfortable Synthetic leather handle and the most advanced protection system through suspension of more than 3 points.



  • 3/5-layer laminate wooden box.
  • Cover made of black nylon.
  • Large exterior zippered pocket for music sheets.
  • Backpack straps.
  • Long and padded shoulder nylon strap.
  • Chrome-plated and corrosion-resistant metallic components.
  • Big rain protection flap.
  • Welded thick D buckles.
  • High security dual-mechanism lock.
  • Side handle.
  • Comfortable synthetic leather handle (for carrying the case with gloves).
  • Highest quality ocean blue suede velvet micro fiber interior.
  • 3-points Air Suspension System.
  • Velcro and micro fiber straps to hold the violin neck.
  • 4 “two- position” bow spinners.
  • 2 compartments for accessories.
  • Elegant aluminum pulls.
  • Microfiber and silk protective blanket.
  • Hygrometer.

2.75 Kg

Infused with our profound passion for music and unwavering ethical dedication, each violin case embodies values that pay homage to animal life, nature, and the environment. We are steadfast in our commitment to minimizing our ecological footprint, achieved through methods that protect nature without compromising case quality.


To develop our Classic Collection, we utilize Nylon Cordura crafted from recycled materials and promote the use of woods sourced from reforested forests, ensuring responsible design without compromising its quality.

  • Traditional wooden cases for Violin and Viola.  
  • The most advanced protection insulation system and the best suspension over 3 points (optional).
  • Cover made of original black nylon Cordura 500 
  • Chrome-plated and corrosion-resistant metallic components.
  • Welded thick D buckles

  • Hygrometer.
  • 3-points Air Suspension System.
  • Special compartment for the shoulder rest.
  • Adjustable leather straps to hold the violin neck.

Security and Protection

All Negri Cases are built with a Three point Suspension System. Exclusively designed to prioritize a secure grip while preventing the violin from touching the bottom of the case. This ingenious system not only ensures the preservation of the instrument's varnish but also guards against potential damage and promotes vigilant case care. A deliberate gap between the violin and the case has been incorporated to provide additional protection against impacts.

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