Firenze Wooden Violin Case Black and Ocean Blue

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The Firenze  violin case is made of a wooden frame protected by a durable and resistant  black  nylon cover . The interior is made from the highest quality ocean blue suede velvet microfiber. Includes 2 accessory compartments, large exterior zippered sheet music pocket, large rain protection flap, 4 “two position” swivel rings, high security dual mechanism lock, backpack straps, long padded shoulder strap , side handle, a comfortable Synthetic leather handle and the most advanced protection system through suspension of more than 3 points.

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  • 3/5 ply laminated wooden box.
  • Sheath made of black nylon.
  • Large exterior zippered pocket for sheet music.
  • Backpack straps.
  • Long, padded nylon shoulder strap.
  • Chrome plated and corrosion resistant metal components.
  • Large rain protection flap.
  • Welded thick D buckles.
  • High security double mechanism lock.
  • Side handle.
  • Comfortable synthetic leather handle (to carry the briefcase with gloves).


  • Highest quality black and olive beige velvet micro fiber interior.
  • 3-points Air Suspension System.
  • Adjustable leather straps to hold the violin neck.
  • 4 “two-position” bow spinners.
  • 1 large compartment for accessories.
  • Elegant aluminum pull.
  • Microfiber and silk protective blanket.
  • Hygrometer.

Peso: 2,75 Kg.


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