Monaco Wooden Violin Case Black and Burgundy


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The Monaco violin case is made of a wooden structure protected by a durable and resistant black nylon Cordura cover. The interior is made with the highest quality black and burgundy suede velvet micro fiber. It includes 1 large compartment for accessories, large exterior zippered pocket for music sheets, big rain protection flap, 4 “two- position” bow spinners, high security dual-mechanism lock, backpack straps, an oversized leather handle and the most advanced protection system by suspension over 3 points. Weight: 2.75 Kg.

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  • 3/5-layer laminate wooden box.
  • Cover made of original black nylon Cordura 500.
  • Large exterior zippered pocket for music sheets.
  • Backpack straps.
  • Chrome-plated and corrosion-resistant metallic components.
  • Big rain protection flap.
  • Welded thick D buckles.
  • High security dual-mechanism lock.
  • Oversized leather handle (for carrying the case with gloves).


  • Highest quality black and burgundy suede velvet micro fiber interior.
  • 3-points Air Suspension System.
  • Adjustable leather straps to hold the violin neck.
  • 4 “two-position” bow spinners.
  • 1 large compartment for accessories.
  • Elegant aluminum pull.
  • Microfiber and silk protective blanket.
  • Hygrometer.

Weight: 2.75 Kg. 

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Weight 2,75 kg

3 reviews for Monaco Wooden Violin Case Black and Burgundy

  1. Pasquale Evangelista (verified owner)

    After a long search for an important gift, I was finally convinced by Vengerov’s testimonial video to Negri Cases. The violinist who received the Monaco is loving it, so it was really the best choice.

  2. Lina Šatkutė (verified owner)

  3. Árný Stella Gunnarsdóttir (verified owner)

    Beautiful case. It protects my violin from the sub-arctic weather here in Iceland. We’ve also had many earthquakes since I got this case. My violin didn’t even go out of tune!

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