Vintage Violin Case

Brand: Negri

Designer: Luis Negri

The Negri Vintage violin case is a all-natural wooden case with a Ivory beige leather exterior ( from Tuscany) with chocolate brown leather accents and fiorentine hardware. Interior comes in olive green. This case includes one big interior compartment, a micro fiber suede blanket, adjustable leather strap, and the finest and most secure suspension protection system. Finest italian hardware and leather handle.

Standard features:


  • Five-layer laminate wooden box
  • Exterior made of ivory beige full grain leather with chocolate brown accents
  • Finest brass hardware
  • Extra strong leather straps
  • Heavy gauge welded D-Rings
  • Original swiss latch
  • Oversized leather handle (for carrying the case with gloves in cold weather)


  • Highest quality micro fiber suede interior
  • 3 Points deep suspension air system
  • 4 high quality two position bow spinners.
  • 1 big accesory compartment
  • Elegant leather pull
  • Blanket made of finest Velvet and silk material
  • Special cushion for bridge protection
  • Hygrometer

2 820,00 €

Find your case anytime/anywhere with GPS technology 
€ 250.00
  • Yes
  • No
Protect your violin and bows against theft with out alarm technology 
€ 180.00
  • Yes
  • No
Make your mobile phone alert you if you forget your violin case 
€ 45.00
  • Yes
  • No
Additional isolation for extreme weather condition 
€ 85.00
  • Yes
  • No