About us

Luis Negri was born in Herten, Germany in 1967.

In a family atmosphere of musicians, he spent his childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At 19 he returned to Germany, to the city of Lubeck, where with great dedication and effort founded Negri Cases; An atelier specialized in producing handcrafted leather cases and covers for fine violins. At age 34 he moved to northern Italy, where his family comes from.

Within a few years, the Negri brand was synonymous with the best protection for old violins- Negri Cases protects mostly of the Stradivarius and Guarneri violins (valued at over 10 million Euros instruments each) worldwide. Lord Yehudi Menhuin, Ruggiero Ricci, Akiko Suwanai, Vadim Repin, Linus Roth and the great Maxim Vengerov are among lovers of our brand.

Many of the owners of these violins were those who took Luis to the world of luxury fashionable accesories, as briefcases and suitcases with the same high quality standardsas for the world of the violin, making these goods only for private clients.

The success has been such between a very classic and selected global private clients, that the brand has decided to open part of it’s collection to the public, while maintaining its character of exclusivity, customer proximity and passion for craftsmanship of the highest European level .