With the Negri GPS tracking system you will always be able to know the exact position of your violin case using your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

A GPS device is installed in the case in a inconspicuous place, so nobody will notice it when opening the case.

You will call your GPS device from your mobile phone and it will return a message back to your phone with a link that can be opened using Google maps where the current position of your case will be displayed. 

Other functions that our GPS device offers:

1)   Listen to surrounding enviroment: If your case is stolen or lost, a command enables you to listen to the surrounding enviroment of your violin case.

2)   Geo Fence Alarm: Set radius latitud and longitude or draw Geo-Fence on map directly in circle. When your violin case leaves this area, you will receive an alert message on your mobile phone.

3)   Speeding alarm: Leave your violin case at your Hotel room after the concert and receive an alert message on your mobile phone if your violin case starts moving.